CX Spotless Concentrate 20ml

20ml makes 1 lt.

Use for the control of mites and for cleaning plants. Spray Safe is absolutely safe to humans and animals. There is no withholding period. One of the big challenges you will face as an indoor gardener is the constant attacks by pests and diseases and keeping your plants clean and free of them.. The most serious pest you are likely to see is the two spotted mite or spider mite. Spider mites are so common now that it is not a matter of IF your crops will be attacked but WHEN. There are some toxic sprays occasionally available but a far healthier option is Spray Safe. It is an organic based non toxic and highly effective alternative to toxic remedies. In fact independent studies have shown that Spray Safe kills mites up to 30 times quicker than conventional sprays and is far more effective than any other organic product. Spray Safe is also effective for the control of aphids.