Reiziger Bloom Food A+B 1L

If you are already a respected craftsman within your community of fellow-growers and you've exceeded the capability of your existing nutrient regime, then Reiziger Bloom Food A&B is the perfect formula for you. Designed without compromise to enhance the cultivation of all short cycle, high value plant strains, Reiziger utilises an extremely powerful formulation incorporating the latest in phosphorus technology that awards the hydroponic craftsman unparalleled bud size, weight and swelling with an enhanced sweetness, flavour and aroma.

From Reiziger's heritage of expertise, this element-rich formula gives plants the minerals they need to thrive. To achieve greater yields, this formulation is tailored for fast growing, flowering annuals in any hydroponic system. Fast acting formula feeds through roots and leaves to promote aggressive and prolonged flowering, bud set and formation.

Contains higher levels of magnesium to keep leaves vivid green, starts to work instantly, is safe for all strains and guaranteed not to burn when used as directed.

If you're aiming to exceed the size and quality of your previous harvest, Reiziger Bloom Food A&B is the perfect formula for you. Reiziger utilises a powerful formulation of the latest phosphorus technology to deliver unparalleled bloom size.

  • Guaranteed rapid and complete absorption of nutrients.
  • Allows unsurpassed absorption of potassium and calcium for root development.
  • Patented phosphorus helps deliver gains in crop strength, colour and size.
  • Unique phosphorus dissolves mineral precipitations to keep tubing and drippers clean.
  • Nutrient absorption boosters allow plants to feed, regardless of pH variance.
  • 50% more concentrated so you use less to cultivate superior quality fruits and blooms.

Faster blooms with a greater plant biomass for a cup winning result. Prepare for your healthiest harvests so far. From the beginning, Reiziger Bloom Food A&B was formulated with a unique, patented ingredient that accelerates short flowering strains into the generative phase faster - with more yield from the same flowering time.

This extraordinary formulation combines powerful nutrient absorption boosters with proprietary minerals that help multiply the quantity, bulk, potency, fragrance and flavour of your fruits and blooms. The carefully balanced macro and micro nutrient formulation means less frequent nutrient changes and eliminates daily pH monitoring and adjustment.

Quantity Maximum 1