Bio Diesel Guano 5L

Our original, fully organic bloom booster works in synergy with your plant and soil biology to create much larger flower yields with increased resin and terpenes. A special blend of bio stimulants, fossilized guano and proteins enhances the organic chelation of minerals and accelerates nutrient uptake helping to avoid mineral lockouts and minimize media flushing.

Bio Diesel, unlike other salt-based bloom boosters, works in harmony with beneficial bacteria and important fungi like mycorrhizae. By working synergistically with nutrient cycling microbes it enables your plants to achieve their full genetic growth potential, filling in any macro and micro nutrient gaps that may occur during the crop cycle from poor nutrient or growth media management, pH fluctuations and environmental stress.

  • Increased flowering sites and bud development.
  • Fully Organic Ingredients – No Salts!
  • Increases final harvest weight by up to 40%.
  • Microbe friendly for Living Soils and Hydroponics.
  • Organic form of Phosphorous and Bio Stimulants.
  • Increased Trichome and Terpene production.
  • Increased Aroma and colour expression.



Flowering Weeks 1-3

Apply 2ml per Litre of nutrient solution.

Flowering Weeks 4-7

Apply 4-5ml per Litre of nutrient solution.

Application for soil

4ml per litre of water for first 7 weeks of bloom
Alternate with fresh water feeds. Use with Aloevate for best results.

Stop using Bio Diesel with 1-2 weeks to go to allow your plants to stop developing more new bud and properly ripen before harvest.