Yates Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel

Yates Rooting Hormone Gel

A gel hormone that promotes root growth in softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings for propagation.


  • A unique blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and hormones to promote root development.
  • Seals and protects the cutting while enhancing root development.
  • Good results for most cuttings.
  • Allows the home gardener to achieve professional propagation results.
  • Simple easy to use gel, no mixing required, no mess.
  • Prevents disease.

How It Works

The active ingredient is a plant hormone which stimulates root growth in cuttings for propagation.


Indolybutryic Acid

Directions for use

Remove the bottom one third to one half of the leaves from the cutting. Make a clean diagonal cut across the base of the cutting, just below the leaf node.

Dip the lower 1.5cms into Yates Clonex Purple and shake off any excess gel.