Autopot XL Extension

Please note - All autopot extensions will come with the new blue 9mm hose, floatvalves and parts (Unlike the original 4mm black hose and parts) please contact us if you need the 4mm model


  • 1x 25L pot
  • 1x pot base module
  • 1x AquaValve
  • 1x root control disc
  • 2mtr x 9mm tubing
  • 1x 9mm T-piece

Recommended: Turbo charge your Autopot system with an AirDome kit - see Related Products below.

Autopot tip: If transplanting seedling’s or cuttings into your Autopot system that do not have an established root system; we recommend either waiting until a sufficient root system is present, or top watering (just enough to moisten growing media around seedling or cutting) the Autopot for the first few days.