Auto Pot Extension Kit 2x 8.5L Pots

The easy2grow Extension Kit other wise known as the 2Pot Extension Kit is simply added onto the easy2grow kit to extend the system. The extension Kit is supplied with the following; 1x 2Pot tray & lid 2x 8.5ltr pots 2x Marix discs - the Marix discs are placed inside each of the pots to prevent soil/compost from leaving the pots 2x Root Control Discs - the RCD's are placed in the tray under each pot, gold face up. The RCD's will prevent roots from leaving the pots and discourage them from heading towards the AQUAvalve. 1x single AQUAvalve with the 2Pot Extension Kit is placed in between the pots. 1x 1.5 meters of pipe 1x 6mm Tee for easy connection to the easy2grow Kit or existing systems

Quantity Maximum 5