Hydro Breeze Oscillating Wall Fan 40cm

Hydro Breeze fans are the ultimate indoor wall fan for your grow room! Designed for consistent performance, longevity in design and quiet operating noise, Hydro Breeze is ideal for your grow-room or greenhouse! The Hydro Breeze design features 3 variable speeds to ensure the correct intensity and airflow is delivered to your plants. The additional tilt-adjusting bracket allows for more advanced control and directional air flow.

Hydro Breeze Oscillating Fan Features

  • Easy to operate for the beginner or advanced gardener
  • 16-inch (40cm), 3-speed oscillating wall fan
  • Wall mountable
  • Tilting fan head
  • 7.5-hours timer control
  • Includes remote control
  • USA designed - built for horticulture

Hydro Breeze Oscillating Fan Specifications

  • Item Weight: 3.18kg
  • Item Dimensions: 40.64cm(L) x 43.18cm(W) x 10.16cm(H)
  • Fan Size: 40cm (16-inch)
  • Voltage: 240-Volt, 50 Hz, 40W
  • Motor: 3-Speed
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • German Standard engineering on cage

SIGILVENTUS 10" EC SILENCED FAN is simply designed to make the wrapped 150mm EC motor fan work quietly with no-humming, no vibration and no airlow loss. Due to the use of the selected high density acoustic foam, it has been proved to be one of the quietest inline fans in the horticulture industry.



Using durable piano wire springs to attach EC fan motor to the steel silencing housing, it simply makes the whole fan vibration-free. The acoustic foam used inside is Eco and fire-proof for safety operation and meeting the standard of the application in HVACR industry.



It supports universal ventilation systems by offering 0-10vdc control signals, as well as PWM and Potentiometer and offers adaptors for other 3pins EC fan controllers and RJ45 controllers.



SigilVentus Silenced Fans are all built with EC motor fan, which has the up-to-date EC technology. Unlike traditional AC motor or badly built EC/DC motor, it is totally free of buzzing at low speeds. And due to years of specialized EC tech research and development, SigilVentus offers the most cost-effective EC solution and proved to be the most affordable EC silenced fan on the market and best in its class.



1 x SigilVentus 250mm Silenced Fan with 2 Meters Power Cord

1 x 8 Preset Speeds Portable Controller OR 8 Preset Speeds Wall Mounted Controller

1 x 5 Meters Speed Control Cable with 3.5mm TRRS Jack

1 x 100mm 3.5mm TRRS Jack to RJ45 Adaptor

1 x 100mm 3.5mm TRRS Jack to 3Pins Adaptor

1 x 300mm TRRS Jack to 4 Opening Pins DIY Speed Control Cable

1 x Full Speed Plug

1 x Manual

1 x Installation Screw Kit